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commented 2013-12-13 07:18:05 -0800
Merry Christmas Jon!
commented 2013-12-12 22:02:21 -0800
commented 2013-12-12 10:49:52 -0800
You, my friend, are awesome. Yes, even here in holland.
commented 2013-12-11 21:17:18 -0800
Are you going to make anymore videos as mc vagina?
commented 2013-12-11 18:37:40 -0800
Hey Jon….ummm come back to Calgary..ummmm…..since I’m Canadian and your French…maybe its OK if we hang out……………………………..But really come do a show in Calgary again SIMILE FACE
commented 2013-12-11 18:36:53 -0800

I saw you do stand-up a few years ago in Detroit and I was wondering if you’re ever coming back? Take care, and hope shit is going well.
commented 2013-12-10 09:37:30 -0800
ur a dumb thing that should not dumb
commented 2013-12-08 15:38:01 -0800
commented 2013-12-07 09:00:04 -0800
“The League”? How does a famous Canadian comic do multiple seasons of a show without any serious media coverage? I would never have watched the show but will likely end up owning it now that I have discovered Jon’s involvement.. I want to support your brand Jon.. I like what you do!
commented 2013-12-07 05:52:06 -0800
Hello Jon,

My name is Andrew and I host a private party in my backyard on may 24 weekend . I fund it myself and I am far from rich. I Usually hire a guy buy name of amos j from montreal to perform …this year I should hwve about 150 people here . Do you perform at private parties wnd if so how much would you charge. Keep in mind its open bar and steak and lobster all 7 can eat . In closing I wanted to say keep up the good work your very talented


Andrew aka a fan
commented 2013-12-05 11:18:03 -0800
Oops, the last one was the wrong email address. Sorry .
commented 2013-12-05 06:24:17 -0800
Dear Mr.Lajoie,

I am a big admirer / fan of you and would be glad very much,

if you to me 6 hand-signed autograph cards for our fan club

would send.

I would be glad very much, if you could fulfill my wish

and would want me by now rather warmly for your efforts


I wish you for the future all the best and furthermore a lot of success.

My address is:

Michael Scheil


49176 Hilter


Yours sincerely

Michael Scheil
commented 2013-12-04 10:20:01 -0800
We need you.
commented 2013-12-04 07:02:25 -0800
Hi Jon, I would like to know on behalf of Europe. If you’ll ever do a tour of Europe, preferably around Western Europe (France, Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium) it would be great!
commented 2013-12-01 12:24:55 -0800
Hello My name is Lynette Louise

I am a fan, a fellow Canadian Actor, Comedian and an International health care professional specializing in autism but working with many brain disorders. ( & I am trying to connect with Jon Lajoie because I believe he may be interested in helping me. I am trying to connect with you for the same reason.

Next week I am releasing my upcoming motivational picture/story book, The WingMaker, and I’d love to have his promotional support. If you wouldn’t mind sharing this with him and possibly sending an announcement to your list/social media community on the date of our launch. I would greatly appreciate it. I am very good at my (brain) work and have had a lot of success with CP, you never know I could be a great contact for you.

We will be setting up a best-seller campaign for this book. Please let me know if Mr Lajoie and/or you are willing to be a part of this promotion and maybe my future projects. (this is my third book)

Info about the Campaign:

Title of Book: The WingMaker

Date of Campaign: Dec 5 2013

Book Description: The WingMaker: This story is about a little girl that gave her life so that others could grow wings. It is about the beauty gifted to the capable by the challenged. It is about becoming worthy by becoming aware; first of oneself and then of others. The little girl, whose name is Reazon, has Cerebral Palsy. She has spent her life in a wheelchair, surrounded by siblings that play while her mother works. Her dream is to play and be “normal” so that her mother won’t have to work so hard. Since Reazon is her mother’s reason for the many choices in life, change is not easy to attain. A specialist by the name of Happy-Ness arrives and teaches the art of play and how to use biofeedback for the brain in order to recreate the game. This is a story of discovery that answers the question, “Who makes wings? The savior or the saved?” It’s the WingMaker of course. This story is true, if you think it can be.

I would love to send a small resolution copy of The WingMaker, I’d appreciate a testimonial."

Thanks so much in advance,

Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad
commented 2013-11-30 12:24:04 -0800
Hi Jon! How much would it cost to fly you into Austria for a nice private birthday performance?

Greets Dominik. Btw: we met before in SF,… Also got pic with you :)
commented 2013-11-29 02:38:15 -0800
Hey John,

I tried to pirate your songs but no one seems to share them. WTF? Would you mind to seed them on BitTorrent or share them via RapidShare or whatever.

Tell me if you are the wrong guy to talk about this and in that case if you could provide me a contact it would be much appreciated.

Yours truly

commented 2013-11-27 01:03:42 -0800
Hi john we love you here in israel!!!

Any chance you will come???
commented 2013-11-25 18:38:17 -0800
Hey, we want to invite you to visit us in Dallas, actually Plano, TX. We’re pretty sure somewhere way back we’re related to you, just found your rap, and LOVE IT! You can come over for burgers and kick it with us!

P.S. I’m also just an ordinary guy!
commented 2013-11-25 12:33:40 -0800
i got a idea for a song for you that u might like but who knows I don’t really care if I get anything or not I would just love to see the spin off
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