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Jon Lajoie is from Montreal, Canada. Just like the Arcade Fire and Leonard Cohen. And so, he's just as cool as those people. He's basically, like, exactly the same as them. Super deep, poetic, and influential. And famous. Super famous. 

Over a decade ago, Jon posted a bunch of comedy videos he made in his basement on something called "Youtube" when that was a new thing. Lots of people watched those videos. Shortly after that, Jon got a call from the President of Hollywood. He wanted Jon to play a simple-minded stoner on a TV show called THE LEAGUE for 7 years. Jon accepted, even though the role would be quite the stretch for him, because in real life, Jon is like, the smartest person of the world. 

After The League, Jon wanted to take a break from comedy, so he started a band with himself. He called it WOLFIE'S JUST FINE. The band has released two studio albums, and they are working on a third. They are super popular. Some people say they make the best music in the history of ever. 

In 2017 the President of Hollywood called again, and asked Jon to start writing songs for movies and television. So Jon graciously accepted (You don't say no to the President of Hollywood), and soon after had the privilege of writing 5 original songs for THE LEGO MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART. He really loved the people he worked with, and the entire experience, so he decided that he wanted to do more of that kind of thing. 

Since then, he's grateful to have had the chance to write songs for lots of Movies, TV shows, and productions. He enjoys it very much. 

That's pretty much it. Hmmm, anything else? Let me think... Oh, he had a dog once. That dog died. That relevant? Probably not. We should just end it after "enjoys it very much." 

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Jon Lajoie