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commented 2014-04-16 07:21:21 -0700
wtf Jon .. What is happening with the world ? you are not a mega star yet? Im pissed .. 1 thing I learned .. men are not ironic.. thats the problem I think. Self Ironi is a proof of being alive .. good work a a fan
commented 2014-04-14 12:44:14 -0700
When are you coming back to Victoria BC ?! We all miss you !!
commented 2014-04-13 06:59:50 -0700
Hey Jon, will you come to Germany, soon?
commented 2014-04-11 18:08:27 -0700
nobody cares where your going french fry.
commented 2014-04-11 13:06:30 -0700
now, I feel like a douche, sorry for the comparison. I just troll the internet but I am not that good at it. Man I just need to get away I don’t care who meets me there. I am that guy from Texas if anyone wants to know.
commented 2014-04-11 12:23:13 -0700
Let me rephrase that:

I am curious on who would be more of an asshole. One of the sons of John Lennon or the verysuperfamous Jon Lajoie.
commented 2014-04-11 12:12:10 -0700
I never have been on a plane before and booked a flight to Montreal this June. I am going to see the band goastt while visiting the city. Are you going to be in town?

I can’t decide who is going to be an asshole to me more you or Sean Lennon. Would love to meet you though.

Sincerely, French Fry
commented 2014-04-08 12:17:21 -0700
commented 2014-04-08 01:41:05 -0700
Fuck you
commented 2014-04-05 11:23:39 -0700
Dear Jon,

I am a big fan of yours and I truly am amazed by the talent you possess and your willingness to share it with the world. Your hard work and determination are an inspiration to so many and I applaud you for that.

You truly are a talented individual and your accomplishments attest to that fact. I wish you continued success in all your future endeavors.

I would be honored if you would be kind enough to send me an autographed photo of you for my collection. You may send it to me at: Jeff Tiffey 57 Yorktown Road Mountain Top, Pa. 18707 USA.

Thanks so much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely a fan, Jeff Tiffey
commented 2014-04-05 10:20:14 -0700
Just wondering if there are any Canadian Tour Dates to come and how to keep up with such things if not the website? Saw you in Red Deer a couple of years ago and look forward to the next time I can catch a show!!
commented 2014-04-03 18:39:59 -0700
More videos please!
commented 2014-03-31 19:29:12 -0700
I’m wondering if i can have or where i can buy that button down shirt u wear int he video show me your genitals i really need one badly please respond quick.
commented 2014-03-31 06:58:40 -0700
Hey I wish these messages actually got through to you. I really want to see you live

I live in Australia and only found out about you and our awesome videos like 3 days after your last Australia tour in 2012. So you should definitely tour again so I can go this time.
commented 2014-03-26 12:30:20 -0700
hello jon why don’t you make another mc vagina video ?

p.s. i want your awesome shirt that you were in the videos and the sunglasses i would definetly were that !
commented 2014-03-26 10:05:24 -0700
JON. Hi, big fan. I fell in love with the character Taco, and then connected the dots back to seeing your Everyday Normal Guy vid and Genitalia music in college. Have you been doing stand-up or any comedy shows lately? I live in Brooklyn and would love to see a show. Hit me up, dog. THANKS! Nat
commented 2014-03-25 11:46:16 -0700
commented 2014-03-25 09:16:38 -0700
Good day! My name is Alex, I’m from Russia. First of all I want

to thank you for all that you do, your things are worthy of of

respect. It is unfortunate that of such nice people in our time

little it’s sad.

I hope that at all of you good)

I wish you love, happiness, and your desires that always coincide

with your possibilities))

If possible I would like to get your autograph, thanks in

advance, with respect Alex.


STRELKA 37-128



429826 RUSSIA
commented 2014-03-25 04:53:50 -0700
What sunglasses are you wearing in the “radio friendly song” video?

I ask because they look kind of like mine but there’s also kind of different.

Please respond. Thank you.
commented 2014-03-24 20:10:24 -0700
I have just recently viewed your videos on youtube and laughed my ass off. I just hypothetically gave you $20,000,000 so could I get an autograph picture??
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